Monday, November 15, 2004

Get Your Email On

Over at DKos it's been reported that Tom Vilsack's candidacy as DNC chair is
predicated, in large part, on protecting his home state's unwarranted status in the primaries.

Kos backs this up based on this:
Gov. Tom Vilsack is considering a bid to become the next chairman of Democratic National Committee, in part to protect Iowa's leadoff precinct caucuses, a spokesman said Wednesday.

"The governor is interested in preserving the Iowa caucuses," spokesman Matt Paul said [...]

He said Vilsack could help protect Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses from other states hoping to usurp that position.

Democrats typically approve the next round of presidential primaries and caucuses during their nominating convention, but this year appointed a commission to study the calendar.

The DNC needs a major overhaul, not an agenda based on special interests. If you believe (as I do) that we're only going to make progress in 2006 through fresh ideas and not more political grab-ass, then you'll write (as I did) to these guys:
Stephen Gleason, Vilsack's Chief of Staff
Dusky Terry, Vilsack's Senior adviser

Let them know the future of the country is too important to be prioritized behind their petty issues.
Also at DKos in Cedwyn's Diary is this request:
Randi Rhodes is calling for everyone to email F. James Sensenbrenner, the chairman of the house judiciary committee. He has the power to subpoena the black boxes that hold the votes in the counties in Florida that have all those suspicious votes for bush and all used optical scanners. These can be read and verified by a human being. Glenda Hood is the only other person that can do this, and she is never gonna do it.

Copy of a letter is below. She said we should be nice because we are asking for a favor. He is from Wisconsin and may be fairly reasonable and rational even though he is a Republican.

The email address is:
You might want to say this:
Dear Chairman Sensenbrenner:
I am writing to request that as head of the judiciary committee you subpoena the black boxes that contain votes from the 47 Florida counties that have suspicious tallies.

One would be asked to believe that 100% of Republicans, 50% of Democrats, and 100% of Independents all voted for President Bush, despite exit polls to the contrary. To further arouse suspicion, all these counties used the same optical scanner system.

Perhaps if you would subpoena and examine the votes in some of these counties, you could put to rest the doubts and suspicions that many Americans harbor about the election. This would serve our country, our democracy, and help heal our great national divide.

Get busy with the emails. The interenet will still be here when you get back.


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