Friday, November 12, 2004

Feds Investigate High School Band In Boulder

What a colossal waste of resources. From the Denver Post the Secret Service is called out to investigate a bunch of kids rehearsing a Bob Dylan song:
Secret Service agents are still investigating the events of a talent show rehearsal at the school after they received several complaints, Special Agent in Charge Lon Garner said.

The dispute spread across talk radio Thursday morning when the mother of a student called Peter Boyles' show on KHOW 630-AM and reported the threats.

The woman - who did not give her real name on the air - said her daughter had heard members of a band say, "George Bush, I hope you die, and I hope you die soon" and "I'll stand over your grave."
But Cabrera said threats were never made.

The students covered the song "Masters of War," a Vietnam-era protest song by Bob Dylan, he said.

Cabrera also said that while the band had considered calling itself "Tali-banned," they decided on "Coalition of the Willing" after faculty urging.

Lyrics in the final verse of "Masters of War" include "And I hope that you die / And your death'll come soon" and "And I'll stand o'er your grave."

The band's act also included images of war and President Bush in the background.

What a bunch of clowns. Since the election we've become the joke of the world and these shitheads only add to the perception that we're a bunch of paranoid nitwits.


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