Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Chickenhawks on the Run

Stopping in again to pick my daughter up from school; it's almost 3 PM here in Colorado. People I've driven to the polls are telling me there's really no waiting. I'm sure that will change when people start getting off from work but so far it's been a breeze to vote in El Paso county.

We're not seeing any of the problems going on in South Dakota, Ohio and elsewhere. It's still early but the GOP doesn't seem to have a viable voter suppression effort here in Colorado.

If the Republicans hadn't queered the vote in Florida in 2000 would we be seeing any of this? Being the whiny hypocrites they are, Republicans fucked with Democracy back in 2000 (and turned Democracy on its head, making the US the laughing stock of the world, "patriots" that they are) and now the swine are swarming the polls to "watch" and make sure no one does to THEM what they did to others in the last presidential election.

Republicans aren't big on creativity or original thought. Sneaky, yes, but everything the right has done the last 30 years to build their momentum was appropriated from the left.

When I pick up my kids from my ex, I take the same route and on one particular street almost every yard had a Kerry/Edwards sign. I say "had" because obviously some Republican bedwetter got out to steal signs, I saw that the signs were gone on that street when I went to get my daughter to take her to school.

The chickenhawks and their mindless minions are desperate, on the run, Democracy in practice (i.e. increased voter turnout) has shown them what a sham party they have. Now its payback time and the indictments will start, Rove, Rumsfeld, DeLay, et al will soon stand before a judge for the crimes they've committed.

That's why the Republicans are so desperate, my friends. Hard times - and hard time - is about to hit these thugs in a big way.


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