Friday, October 01, 2004

What in the World

Something that has irked me about the Bush/Cheney campaign and republicans in general (especially during the convention) is the flippant way they have treated the prestige of this country in the eyes of the world.

To last night's debate, the world sees Bush as the big loser and frankly would like to see him gone. Small wonder. Krugman's piece today does a good job explaining why the world hates us and what we need to do to crawl out of this hole.

Despite what Bush says and the neocons think, Iraq is not going to fix itself; it can't because we broke it, smashed it, and we're still working on trashing what we have yet to destroy. And if Iraq has a chance at coming back as a democratic and free country, we need the rest of the world on board. That won't happen as long as Bush is in office.


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