Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VP Debates

As I type this, Tweety Matthews is bitchslapping Ben Ginsburg about Cheney LYING during the debate regarding his statements connecting Saddam to 9/11. Ginsburg lies to cover Cheney's lies and - WOW! - Tweety calls him on it!!!

Cheney lied but Edwards stumbled. Personally, I didn't see a clear winner in this debate. Not that it matters and I'm sure the Bushies will make all kinds of noise about nothing only because that's what they do (until one of their ilk is under criminal investigation) but the big test will be on Friday when, I'm certain, Dubya will again show America what a complete moron he is.

The lefty blogs are JAMMED at the moment but I'm sure they're calling Edwards the winner just as repugs will call Cheney the winner. What do you expect?


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