Friday, October 15, 2004

Unequal Time

It's not difficult to figure out why Left Blogosphere (myself included) is fit to be tied over Sinclair Broadcasting showing its crimson conservative baboon ass (SIGN THE PETITION to stop Sinclair!). Sinclair using so-called public airwaves to run what is essentially a dishonest, libelous political ad. That's big goddamn deal, yes, but below the radar is how the nooze channels are giving Bush (specifically, coverage of his speeches) more time; not just more time but prominence - at the top of the hour, Bush's speech ALWAYS comes first, Kerry's speech follows. ALWAYS.

OK, I'll admit that my perceptions may be leading me to say this - at least I thought so the other day while watching MSNBC. To test my hypothesis, I watched MSNBC and CNN yesterday and today and tallied coverage of Bush speeches vs. coverage of Kerry speeches and BOTH channels gave Bush a 3:2 edge on coverage. And yes, with one exception in two days, coverage of a Bush speech led, followed by the Kerry speech. If someone reading this wants to verify my findings, I'd appreciate it because I doubt my little blog says a whole lot. Having this verified on sites like Atrios, Media Matters, Daily Kos, etc., would give my hypothesis some creedence and might make it NEWS.

Any comments and verification would be appreciated. Don't make it a partisan effort, do it in the interest of TRUTH. Because, as liberals, the TRUTH is all we have.


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