Saturday, October 09, 2004

Two Down, One to Go

The score is certainly two-zip and there's no reason to believe it will be anything but a sweep.

Since the Rude Pundit has done an excellent job of cornering the market on what Kerry needs to say in the debates, I'm not going to rip-off his gig. But I will say what Kerry needs to do including some general tactical moves our boy needs to break out.

First off, Kerry needs to take off his jacket and say, "SEE?!? I'm not wired for sound, George! Whatcha' got under your coat?!?" Preznit Codpiece won't take off his jacket, if there's a debate he needs to be managed on, it's the Domestic debate (even his handlers thought the first debate - the Foreign Policy debate - was to be his slam-dunk, his hit-the-ground-running). Oh, Bunnypants will manage to get Saddam in a few times (he HAS to, it's really his only card) but he'll need his man behind the curtain to pad his lies and he'll need to do that on shortwave.

Hammer on the poverty numbers, negative job numbers, almost 50 million Americans without healthcare, hammer it, hammer it, HAMMER IT. Ask Bush, "What the FUCK was going through that empty skull of yours when you were reading "My Pet Goat" for FIVE FUCKING MINUTES after you heard the country was under attack?!?" and let the country know that John Kerry refuses to look like a complete moron when airliners are slamming into buildings. Ask George how many successful prosecutions Asscrack has had with the Patriot Act.

Bring up how this administration not only allowed an attrocity like Abu Ghraib to happen but the fact that none of the people in charge have been held accountable, much less indicted. How many sentences handed down relative to the number of abused/murdered prisoners, hmmmmm? How noble does this country look in the eyes of the rest of the world as a result of that shit?

Don't just pay lip service to the environment (as happened last night) but talk about how corporations have been given the nod to dump more arsenic and mercury into the water, pump more sulfur dioxide and other shit into the air, talk about the fact that Exxon has not paid A PENNY to clean up Valdez Alaska, talk about how Bush has opened up virgin forests to roads.

Stay cool (good job, so far) but stand firm. Let that little deserter know you're an honest-to-god hero and he's a cokehead slacker, all you need to do is give him a look like, "You worthless little shitbag mama's boy, I'm gonna' walk right over there and knock that smirk back to Crawford." Just let the little maggot twist in his own shit.

The third debate is where Kerry cleans up the floor with a retard. Get ready for Rove to respond with a bomb on a black church.

-- Debate update --

Bush having a complete meltdown, yelling for two-thirds of the debate and looking like he'd head-butt Charles Gibson... Oliver Willis saw it too, and he provides the link to show what I was saying.

As I said in my post, I was following the debate on MSNBC and specifically Keith Olbermann's blow-by-blow that, directly after the debate, called the debate a "draw". I thought that was chickenshit because during the Olbermann had Kerry up 19 - 2 but then did some kind of wacky equivocation that brought it back to a "statistical dead heat" (15 - 12, an astounding turn around and, again, chickenshit). Today, Blah3 tells me that Olbermann calls it for Kerry and I see that, in fact, Olbermann adjusts the score to call Kerry the winner 16 - 6 over the "timber company" lie. Still chickenshit but LESS chickenshit.


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