Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thank God For the Red Sox

...Their unprecedented come-back knocked Theresa Heinz-Kerry's mis-statement out of the punditry's playpen.

After the game, I briefly watched MSNBC's ("We're almost Fox!") little "After Hours" nitwit-a-thon. Ron Reagan and Ron Silver were co-hosts; guests listed on the transcripts include Debra DeShong, Mindy Tucker Fletcher, Mark Simone, Mort Zuckerman... my-oh-my, MSNBC conveniently neglects to add five-foot-seven-maggot Lawrence Kudlow to the list, probably because they think we can handle 3 - 1 Republican-to-Democrat disparity over 4 - 1.

Well, at least I didn't have to look at the demonic face of Ben Ginsberg but with Kudlow on the panel I guess there's some kind of safety concern; if two huge mutant worms are in the same place, they naturally fight for dominance. MSNBC, wanting to maintain the appearance of "After Hours" as having some kind of credentials as a news show, felt it prudent not to air the blood-sport of Kudlow and Ginsberg fighting over the right to inseminate members of the "After Hours" panel.

I turned this travesty off after about 5 minutes because I had just watched grab-ass punditry discuss Theresa's gaffe on Tweety Matthews' little show:
ROSEN: But it had nothing to do with being a mother not being important. She legitimately forgot that she didn‘t have a job. And as soon as she found out, she apologized.
MATTHEWS: But why did she say it?
ROSEN: Karen Hughes‘ response came after the apology.
MATTHEWS: OK. Excuse me. Why did she take the shot at the first lady?
ROSEN: What she said was that she thinks her view of the world is broader and she has a broader set of interests. That‘s not a...
MATTHEWS: I‘m more sophisticated than this little woman.
MATTHEWS: It‘s getting worse. You know what they say in politics. When you‘re in a hole, stop digging.

Confirming for us that he's little more than a mindless loudmouth, Tweety badgered Rosen even though the issue was closed with "She legitimately forgot" and "as soon as she found out, she apologized".

OK, I'm stepping into minor Daily Howler territory here - VERY minor. Not exactly a Yankee-hater (my indifference with sports is comprehensive), my only reason for pulling for the Red Sox was because they were underdogs. If their win took a non-issue out of the paws of our punditry, so much the better.


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