Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Skelator Watch in the Land of La-La

The last half hour of Skelator's pathetic little show:

Matthew Dowd babbles about NOTHING; confronted with Bush's falling approval ratings and getting trounced on polls regarding domestic issues, Dowd replies with a kind of foot shuffling, as if he KNOWS Rove has planned in order to usurp democracy.

A little piece about vandalism against Kerry and Bush offices. Thanks, Skelator, where were you in July when this story started? Where was your hideous face all summer when Kerry supporters were kicked, beat, and hog-tied at Bush rallies?

And I see Larry "If I Had a Dick I'd Put It In You, Laura" King will be having a love-fest with Laura Bush tonight. I know what I won't be watching.

Crossfire time and one wonders what Tucker Carlson tells his children every night. Such lack of intellectual integrity is sad, really sad. You know Tucker really DOES support stem-cell research but the shill he is, he can't help but highlight his own essential dishonesty.

And there's NO FUCKING WAY I'm tuning into Fuck-my-face Wolf....


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