Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sinclair Stock On the Skids

Took a walk over to Uggabugga, seems the Money Message boards on Yahoo are flagging Sinclair's (mis)fortunes:

Get out of this stock, fast

You've undoubtedly heard that they are forcing all their stations to air an anti-Kerry documentary just before the election. Well, I monitor the liberal blogs and sites and I gotta tell you there is a bloody fury brewing. Don't assume that liberals are pussies. At this point they are so freaking mad and energized that they'll do whatever it takes to bring this company down. Stay away. You don't want to see your capital incinerated because this family business wants to use the business to push a political agenda. Put your money somewhere else until the storm blows over. Hey, maybe this stock will be an excellent buy at $2 in a couple weeks.

Atrios has been posting graphs of this dog going to the pound...


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