Friday, October 08, 2004

Preznit YELLING AND ANGRY Blows Another Debate

Bush playing fast-and-loose with facts is something we should have expected; the chimp has been doing it for too damn long to stop and he knows the media will pretty much slough off his inability to deal with reality. What everyone should be talking about is THE FACT THAT HE WAS SHOUTING AND PISSED OFF THROUGHOUT 2/3 OF THE GODDAMN DEBATE and appeared to be really shaken. Livid. Out of control, like he'd had a few whiskey and waters before taking the stage.

But I'm not going to go into that, it's covered everywhere else. The peripheral issues are what's interesting to me. I watched the debates (and after-debates) on MSNBC - hack central - with bemused indifference. Once again they had Ron Silver on the panel and once again I ask why a really bad actor with a gun fetish is qualified as a pundit. Not only should Silver's appearance as spokesperson for Bush reflect badly for the Republican Party (really, he's the best they can do?) but makes MSNBC look pretty sad for paying scale to a has-been. Ben Ginsburg was there as well, still looking like some kind of grotesque Dickensian villian, not saying anything coherent and especially not saying that if was worth a damn as a lawyer, he wouldn't be there. The Bush campaign's pocket pussy Andrea Mitchell couldn't decide who won the debate - despite Bush YELLING THROUGH TWO-THIRDS OF IT and looking like he'd body-slam Charlie Gibson if he didn't get his way, being on the defensive the entire time (and resorting to name calling, "librul, librul, librul", not taking responsibility for the economy... One wonders if Mitchell is on the White House payroll or if someone's just giving that dog a bone (sorry to give you that hideous mental picture, really, that's just so sickening).

The online polls soundly give Kerry a slam-dunk and we know how useless those things are. My point is that Repugs should be worried about this. This kind of blatant inconsistency with National polls should indicate a "stealth bloc" well beneath the radar that the puppy-media is missing. Before the debates (on MSNBC), Tweety asked Joe Trippi about the "missed voters" in the polls, the younger, newly-registered voters, voters with cell phones as primary numbers and Trippi relied, "Well... YEAH!". "The dirty little secret of the polling industry," Arianna Huffington said in a recent article, "is that, all too often, its findings are based on flawed methodology and dubious assumptions." Exactly, and when the media is trying to figure out how they got it SO WRONG on November 3rd, hopefully it will be US, the enlightened voters, who will dredge up the archives of the hundreds of thousands of blogs and deliver it to the media executives for their wake-up call.


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