Monday, October 11, 2004


CNN and MSNBC have been carrying excepts of the Codpiece's campaign speech (interestingly enough, no footage of a Kerry speech) reacting to the cover story in yesterday's New York Times Magazine in which Kerry said he "wants to get back to a time when terrorism is just a "nuisance." Bunnypants latched onto that like a terrier on a slipper. Fortunately, the Kerry camp has shot back, reminding us that Bush called the War on Terrorism "unwinnable".

None of the talking air-heads are taking note of the fact that in these clips Bush is again YELLING AND OUT OF CONTROL. Good God, give the poor man a drink, he's about to bust a vein in his head. Uh.... then again, let the vein burst.

Let em' play the clips, Christ, any sane American watching that fool screaming uncontrollably (ten times worse than Howard Dean and Dean only did it ONCE) and acting like Laura's withheld his ritalin, has got to think "Do I want this nutjob running my country?".

Then again, enough people didn't ask if they wanted a complete moron running their country back in 2000, at least not enough to seriously challenge thugs stealing an election.


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