Saturday, October 02, 2004

Post-Election Plans - Make Yours Today!

Even though we still have two debates to go (three, if you count the essentially inconsequential vice-presidential debate), a lot of us are betting heavy not just on a Kerry win but a Kerry ROUT - a landslide. I don't think any of us are laying back or taking the next month for granted but we do see a clear Kerry victory November 2 and we're thinking about what that will mean.

As the El Paso county coordinator for Democracy For America I'm suggesting to our members that we take this momentum and continue to work towards a more progressive agenda in this country. Although Kerry is clearly who we need to begin getting the right-wing neutralized, he is hardly an advocate for truly progressive change. He is however, the foot in the door and the symbol for right-wing decline.

If the left can thank Bush for anything, it is that he has brought cohesion to liberals, given us focus. For at least the past two decades the left has been diffuse, scattered, a bickering and often petty coalition of contrasting ideologies. No more. What we need now is to maintain that cohesion and our willingness to cooperate for a larger goal. If we'll learn anything this November it is that by combining forces for a common goal, we can indeed change the world.

This is something I'm going to touch on over the next month (at least), look at where we've come from, our victories and failures, and what we need to do to continue to bring progressive ideals into reality.


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