Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Minority Voter? Meet Jim Crow, Courtesy of The GOP

I was saying this three weeks ago but I guess it takes TPM to get the point across (so to speak):
Now do you understand why the GOP is putting so much muscle into its nation-wide voter suppression campaign?

According to these polling results put out today by the Republican polling firm of Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates, if Kerry gets strong minority voter turnout he'll beat President Bush fairly decisively.

Thing is, this racist horseshit slid under the radar during the 2000 election until the day after and then the nitwit nooze media was so consumed with hanging chads that they missed the real story. However, the media is on it this time around (not for any noble principle but only because they're anticipating some kind of slap down) and I doubt the Repugs will get away with minority disenfranchisement on any kind of substantial scale. If they do, count on uncivil war.

(I've been working on a HUGE posting all afternoon but I couldn't let this one slide)


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