Friday, October 15, 2004

Mary Cheney is a LESBIAN?!?

I was probably one of maybe a dozen blogs, right and left, out of MILIIONS that didn't mention anything about Kerry's comment about Mary Cheney in the debate. I felt it was silly (and I still do) that Bushies and the media made something out of nothing. Two days after the debate, Barbie & Barbie (Lisa & Allison) on MSNBC are still tittering about it, MSNBC has a poll asking us if we thought the comment was appropriate. Less than three weeks from the most important election of our generation and the media can't help sticking its hand down its pants and rubbing at the notion Kerry talked about Cheney's lesbian daughter. They're knee-deep in their own drooling.

The real story here is that Kerry/Edwards swept the debates, 4 - 0, that Bush/Cheney failed to convince America the past 45 months justify giving them another shot at running the country. Instead of making the obsevation that, gosh, Bunnypants and Go Fuck Yourself pulled a goose-egg from the debates and maybe we should conclude something from that. Knowing how pathetic and sensationalistic our media is, the Bush camp picked up the Mary Cheney comment and ran it for 30 or 40 yards but well short of a touchdown. As today's LA Times observed, "The shrillness of the Bush camp's attacks on Kerry betrays an unbecoming desperation, and adds to the sense that the challenger came out the convincing winner."

"Real issues" aside (since we well know how the media avoids "real issues" as readilly as it does integrity and objectivity), the absurdity that Republicans are suddenly in high dudgeon over an "inappropriate" remark over a lesbian borders on insanity. The Rude Pundit weighs in on how these idiots compared gays to "winos" on "Fox & Friends" and Atrios has an email from Colorado's own hate-monger filled with the rhetoric we're accustomed to from gay-bashing republicans.

"Real issues" and the pot calling the kettle black - puh-leeze.


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