Friday, October 29, 2004

Light Friday Posting

Some pre-Halloween celebrations I need to do with the kids; it's a crappy, windy, COLD day here but the merchants on Manitou Avenue are handing out candy this afternoon and I'd be a shitty dad if I was here blogging instead of out trick-or-treating.

Then some pumpkin carving... don't count on pics of our masterpieces here ----> click the link near the top for my "Single Dad Blog" if you absolutely need to see pictures of badly carved pumpkins.

Then I have some last-minute GOTV work to do for Kerry and Salazar.

Today's big stories? Al Qaqaa, of course (I'm ROTFLMMFAO) and the FBI investigating Halliburton contracts at the Pentagon. Again, click links ("Big Dog Blogs") ----> where everything I'd tell ya' is written, just not in the way I'd say it.

Enjoy your Friday day and I'll be back on tonight.


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