Thursday, October 07, 2004

Lawrence Kudlow Is Scum, Utter Parasitic Swine

Watching Tweety at the moment and Lawrence Kudlow is on babbling about "The New Economy" and why it's just fine that Americans are out of work and/or trying to survive on shit wages. All for the economy (as if "the economy" is some kind of ehtereal entity that will deliver manna to pilgrims in the desert), fuck the people trying to stay above the povert line with two or three jobs, it's "The Economy", stupid.

I was starting my 'Part II' on the Progressivism series when Kudlow's vile rectum began spewing his simplistic, nitwitted theory. As I was looking over my notes about early 20th century progressivism and how the govenment was forced into regulations and protections to repair the damage wrought by laissez-faire economic policies. So I have to ask Lawrence: do you know your history, fuckwit? Because you're essentially enorsing economic policies that have been proved - PROVED not by fucking equations but by experience, rational doctorine - that these policies enrich a few, destroy economies (in the aggregate) and hurt people.

But slime like Kudlow cannot be concerned with people; he's a mindless drone, plugged into an old-timey adding machine, spouting Sigmas and square roots from the La La Land that most Republicans inhabit, thrice removed from reality. Probably goes to his church on Sunday, praying not for Peace, Love, and the Salvation of all humanity but for God to give the Kudlow's a few more sheckles. History and reality is the abstract to Kudlow, his worthless theories as real as the corporate cock he sucks.

If I was The Laplacian Demon meting out justice as I saw fit, Kudlow would wake up at 4:30 AM tomorrow morning to go to his low-wage job, to which he would find had been outsourced. In this fantasy, he'd be the same Lawrence Kudlow in everthing except circumstance and his resume (that would show he had a high school education and numerous low-wage jobs, maybe a criminal record). He'd probably run to some bank to try to declare that he was somebody and they'd just look at him like he was a lunatic, "Who? Get the fuck out of here!".

At that point, I imagine Kudlow would pawn the family hoop-tee, buy a .38 and a box of shells, put the barrel in his mouth and pull the trigger. Kudlow certainly lacks intellectual integrity and with that, one must assume he lacks courage. His mutant spawn would be left with no car and his pathetic corpse to bury (and with his low-wage job - jobs he highly recommends for most Americans so he and his ilk can get rich - he had no life insurance). At his pauper's grave, the Kudlow klan would (as we all would) wonder, "Why was he such a waste of space? Why did he fuck us so bad? How could a person be so selfish?".

I can't tell you that. I have the training in psychology but Kudlow's biography on various sites is a litany of his cupidity. I rather doubt he came from truly humble roots or ever had to live off Top Ramen for an extended period. He's never scraped the ashtray for change to put some gas in his car. That's not HIS reality and that's why his dipshit theories can't factor in the the "human equation". Turning that algebra on him, I likewise cannot think of Kudlow as human but nothing less than scum, utter parasitic swine.


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