Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Last Debate Snore-fest and the MSNBC Clown-fest

The usual bag-o-twits on MSNBC and Pat Buchanan (R-Blowhard) pontificates on Kerry's remarks regarding Mary Cheney, "Listening to Joe (Scarborough), Ben (Ginsberg), and what I saw, if I was John Kerry, I'd....". Don't really need to continue because if John Kerry begins taking campaign advice from three wingnut knuckledraggers, he's lost my vote.

Of the three debates, this was by far the least compelling; hell, it was a snooze. I'm giving Kerry the sweep based on the "smirk factor". No yelling, no angry leap at the moderator but Bush's lack of real substance or obvious inability to muster original thought made him look like the Arizona Cardinals to Kerry's Broncos. And the smirk... it's just too bad Kerry didn't walk over to him and slap it off his face.

Bush sucked his worst with his "Jobs Plan" i.e. unemployed workers can just go to school and learn a new trade. Oh kayyyyyyyyyy, and who pays the rent while doing a two-to-four year bid seeking a degree in "Homeland Security"? Wait a minute, it's all coming clear to me: Bush won't give us a proper draft but a draft-by-desperation. Unemployed? Need money for school? We have a place for you in today's Army!

It's not like Kerry was all that strong but he was confident and he had substance, showed he can think on his feet. Like Yglesias said, the rounds Kerry took were the important rounds, the ones that matter to most Americans, especially those feeling the cold, dull pain of the past 45 months.

Jesus Rainbow Lizard in platform shoes, Hall & Oates are on... WTF?!? Well, since Ron Silver is not on the panel tonight, I suppose MSNBC had to meet its "has-been quota". I wish they'd shut up so Joe Scarborough can continue embarassing himself obsessing about lesbians.


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