Thursday, October 28, 2004

I'd Call a Piece of Ann "Terrorism"

Surfing over to Media Matters, I saw that the always odious Ann Coulter said, "[A]n act of terrorism was committed against me." This in reference to the pie-throwing incident during an October 21 appearance at the University of Arizona.

I tried to check the transcript for Hannity & Colmes (where she said it), wanting to see in the context of the comment; was she just kidding? No way of telling, cheese-dick Fox News doesn't offer entire transcripts (probably to cut down on the lip movement of their viewers).

I've often wondered if Ann Coulter was really some kind of Andy Kaufman-esque comic and that one day she'll appear on Tweety Matthews show in a leopard-skin bikini with a bottle of baby oil and challenge him to a wrestling match. She's obviously no intellectual (nor does she play one on TV) and her multiply recursive role of self-parody drops well short of irony. At least Andy Kaufman was funny.


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