Tuesday, October 26, 2004

CNN Circa November 3, 2004

Watching Judy Woodruff Skelator earlier today and I had to switch it to MSNBC before I tossed my keyboard through the TV screen. She was spinning the drop in consumer confidence as a positive for Bush and had thrice-removed-from-reality Commerce Secretary Don Evans on to co-sign her spin.

Besides, Skelator scares my kids. I tried to explain to them that CNN was getting into the Halloween spirit with a hideous, jabbering skull giving thumbs up to Bush but they weren't having it. As God is my witness, my two-year old son flies into a rage whenever Novak shows his grisly visage on Crossfire, screaming "Shut up! Shut up!" and punches the screen.

Come November 3rd (and a Kerry victory), CNN execs have got to be deeply involved in some serious soul-searching. Having thrown their lot in with a loser and badly miscalculated the direction of the electorate, I have to imagine there will be some huge pow-wow as CNN execs try to figure out how they got it so wrong. If there's an ounce of intelligence and strategic thinking at CNN, the first thing they'll do is shitcan the brain trust that thought it could draw Republican viewers away from Fox News.

The most notable pink slips would be for Wolf Blitzer and Skelator however I doubt they'll dump Wolf. Still, Wolf sets the editorial tone for CNN's early evening broadcasts and Skelator is just his overly-enthusiastic lackey, so it's his head that should roll. Skelator would be a sacrificial lamb (so to speak) and a dire warning to Wolf and anyone else at CNN who mistakenly feels that continued shilling for the Republican party reflects the zeitgeist of the country.

Caught an entry on DKos about what a joke MSNBC is - that's valid but the entry was referring to "Scarborough Country" which has comes with an expectation of a rightward slant. Skelator and Wolf are so-called "journalists" and supposedly present news without bias or spin. I've yet to see it.


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