Saturday, October 09, 2004

Between a Rock and a Codpiece

Hey Scott... glad to know you're still checking in cuz' it's been too long. So Scott emails me:
I know you're planning the post election party, but I say we better be ready for for some fuckin nasty shit going down if the Bushies try to steal the election again...

And he points me to THE NY Times asks what it is, amongst - HA HA HA HA HA HA - so many others it now seems).

If he was wired during that first debate, he needs to fire the nitwit feeding him lines because, as we all know, Bush failed miserably.

A new site went up, has plenty of links to sort through this.

Yeah, Scott, I fully expect these un-democratic thugs to do whatever it takes to steal another election, to try to marginalize and intimidate minority voters, to wipe their asses with the Constitution for the sake of greed and power. If the Thug Cabal manages to once again play the country and steal yet another election, doesn't that mean that the terrorists have indeed become the real winners?


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