Friday, September 17, 2004

Whores at CNN, Again

I'm still fuming after watching Uberwhore Shit Grin (Paula Zahn) and her "Rah Rah Bush Show"; what the fucking fuck?!? After Ivan, the show was devoted to CBS, Dan Rather, and Killian documents but not a SINGLE WORD about what those documents might mean (in a bigger picture). CNN doesn't even attempt to appear objective...

As I've been saying the past couple of weeks, the issue should not be whether or not the memos are real but the validity of what the memos say... jesuschristinarollingdonut, why isn't the press raising holy hell about Bush lying about his ANG service? Something that DEFINITELY goes against his integrity; the fact that no one is picking up the $60K bounty by proving he actually SERVED in Alabama also goes against that integrity as well as shows his dereliction of duty during war time.

I'm not taking on every media outlet... I want to focus on CNN because IMHO they've fallen so far into the thrall of the White House that one can't help but cry "Whores!". As Blah3 points out:

to my eyes the most interesting part of the article was the byline:

CNN's Jeanne Meserve, Dana Bash, Suzanne Malveaux, Peter Ornstein, Sarah Irwin and Ted Barrett contributed to this report.

They put six reporters on raising 'doubts about the memos - and they still haven't asked Question One about the content of the memos.

If this meretricious horseshit was just here-and-there, maybe I'd be a little off base. But it's not like I'm the only one seeing any of this. Matthew Yglesias asks (somewhat) what I've been asking for the past few weeks, "Why doesn't Suzanne Malveaux just take a job in the White House press office if she's going to file reports like this on the Iraq NIE?"

I'm asking why CNN doesn't change it's motto to, "If there was no Fox News, we'd be the one to watch." Just pathetic.


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