Thursday, September 23, 2004

What I Just Said

So CBS plays a little fast and loose with documents to back up a story and the US media is ALL OVER IT and for no good reason...

But a couple of weeks ago, when Sue Niederer protested outside a rally led by Laura Bush, exercising her 1st Amendment rights, pigs took her down... and where the fuck were CNN or MSNBC on that story? Christ, our rights are eroding faster than the Bush Twins' IQs and the media could care less.

Now, in today's NYT I read that the Secret Service is investigating Ms. Niederer over some off-hand remarks she posted on the net.

The federal officials are apparently investigating comments made by Mrs. Niederer in May on the Web site, a political newsletter. In the Web postings, she is quoted as saying she "wanted to rip the president's head off" and "shoot him in the groined area."

Your tax dollars at work, folks... and your rights spinning down the shitter while CNN and the rest of that scum make goo-goo eyes at Bush and make all kinds of noise over the non-story of the year.

OOOoooh, my groined area....


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