Saturday, September 18, 2004

Tax Cuts - PLEASE HELP ME!!!

I'd forgotten about the laughable Laffer Curve (and thanks to Atrios for reminding me), the notion that cutting taxes will always lead to increased revenues. Simple equation for simple minds and simply wrong.

I've made this challenge to conservatives before and no one ever - EVER - answered me back but it bears asking again: is there any historic precedent that large, comprehensive tax cuts (LCTC) have benefited an economy?

Look, I'm no historian and certainly not an economist but I have done several desultory searches (through libraries AND the web) to see if there was a single instance when an LCTC has stimulated economic growth in the long-term and I just can't seem to find the evidence!

Any students, professionals, people who know this stuff, etc. care to enlighten me?
I'm off to Denver in a few so light (or no) posting until tomorrow night....


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