Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A Nation of Courage Eats Shit

Go Fuck Yourself is speaking at the RNC right now... those of us with actual brains are laughing our asses off because GFY can only demonize Kerry. He can't talk about the administration's record, really (except to embellish it with outright horseshit) and the crowd responds with Nazi-like furor, chanting, drooling, stuffing their pants with socks...

Jesusfuckingchristinagreenhat, they might as well have put a goddamn corpse on stage, GFY had all the personality of a sock monkey (interesting ticket, that - a REAL monkey and one knitted by crazzy Aunt Alice) and all the brilliance of phlegm. That the Repugs were "Heil" this and "Heil" that over his speech should only convince the rest of America the extent of the intellect of that party.

I'm watching MSNBC and they're blabbing about how Zell "Oh My Hemorrhoids" Miller made GFY look "warm and fuzzy". No, he only highlighted how fucking BORING Cheney is. Hey, I used to be a musician and you don't let a hot band open for tired old farts and Miller was Black Flag to Cheney's Wayne Newton.

COURAGE? The limp-dicks put a Democrat up on stage to say the things the rr-rrrrepublicans are too nutless to say. Just like they did with the Slime Vote Vets. But they like other folk to do their dirty work, fight wars, clean their toilet, etc.

I'm thinking of changing the title of this blog to "Connect the Goddamn Dots".


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