Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bogus Documents at CBS Lead to Over 1,000 Deaths

Kerry being elected President (and Bush not just out of a job but indicted and incercerated) is not the extent of my fantasy that starts on November 3; no, what I really want to see (and I'm certain this is fairly common on the left side of the blogosphere) is the shaming of the media and the US press.

I guess I should take the advice given in an excellent piece by Michael Moore yesterday where he said, "Turn off the TV! (Except Jon Stewart and Bill Moyers -- everything else is just a sugar-coated lie)." Unfortunately, I'm a junkie for news and I get jittery without hours of mindless babble.

CNN is a goddamn joke; Skelator and Wolf "Hey George This Beard Means My Mouth Is a Pussy" Blitzer really have nothing to report other than The Kerry Campaign Is In Trouble And So Far Behind In The Polls That, Well, Democrats Might As Well Just Stay Home On November 2nd And Accept Another Four Years Of Preznit Fuckhead. What a worthless turd herd and I might concede that justice indeed exists in this universe if Wolf and Skelator took their rightful place in the unemployment line. Shit Grin, too.

After the "Kerry's Gonna' Lose" mantra, the past week or so we've had the "CBS Really Fucked Up" giggle, kind of "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyahhhhh" as a way of distracting viewers from CNN's weak-ass handle on ANYTHING. Had the mental midgets at CNN put a TENTH of the energy into forged Niger documents as they have into negligible CBS documents, maybe the US would have 1,045 more soldiers alive. I heard Wolf commiserrating about "legal issues" with this non-story and I thought, "Go fuck yourself, idiot, what's criminal is that you gave Bush a pass on an illegal war when you should have been doing your fucking job and all of a sudden NOW you fancy yourself as a "serious journalist". Fuck you, I hope you get your ass raped in whatever shithole prison they send you to."

Journalism in the US is dead under the quasi-fascist regime of Bush. What next?


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