Sunday, August 29, 2004

Those Pesky Poverty Numbers

I'm watching Bush/FuckYourself campaign chairman Mark Rosicot getting his nuts licked gently by Sheep, er, Wolf, while the two of them discuss what a nifty convention the Republicans are about to have. When Blitzer asks Rosicot about 1.3 Million more Americans living in poverty since last year, the third year in a row that the number of Americans living in poverty has risen.

This is what makes me sick - Rosicot whistles it away with "It's a New Economy" (I don't know what that means... "a more fucked up economy since our boy stuck his fingers in it"... a buzzword I've heard repeated by Bush himself, "a new economy", but absolutely no sympathy for those Americans who fell below the poverty line. No, "our number one priority is helping these Americans get back on their feet", no "our biggest concern is that any American is living below the poverty line", just the newest Bushism and its entrance into the news shows.

Which should say to anybody that such cavalier disregard for Americans living below the poverty line is a reflection of the soul of the Republican Party. "Oh well, you've got to expect some casualties in THE NEW ECONOMY. There are no losers in THE NEW ECONOMY, just passive observers." Doesn't matter to them that Americans are poorer since Bush took office or that greater numbers of Americans are living in poverty, all that matters is how efficiently they can get the NEW ECONOMY meme onto the lips of their sops in the press.

I sincerely hope these soulless shitbags and their media cohorts find themselves, their children, their parents, etc. ALL living in poverty, I really do. If the Republican Party was forced to become the Donner Party, it would be their just desserts.


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