Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Olympic fever? Well, yeah, maybe it’s a good excuse for me not writing lately but it’s not why I’m HOT. I mean I'm steaming. Pissed off like hell.

Attribute my boiling to the gravity given to the Swift Boat Smeer Team, even the half-assed sort-of dismissal of their claims on Page One (8/20/04) of the NYT, the back and forth yammering of CNN knuckleheads saying essentially NOTHING, like a bunch of sugar-buzzed brats, "they're liars." "uh UH....", uh HUH..., ad non compos mentis (I think it's that, anyway). A seeming yeahsuhwhat," but it wears an ugly face. Pull off a klansman's mask for the same effect. See?

I don't know how many of the SBST are African-American (my quick guess is ZERO) but I do know that the publisher of their book is all about racial purity while the co-author of the book is a notorious bigot. It's all there in, err hmmm, black and white, these nitwits have even identified themselves as racists - with no apology.

Meanwhile, everything I've seen (and it's a substantial amount) that counters these goons goes to their credibility. Contradictory stories, he-said-he-said accounts, "Uh, well, I didn't really mean to say THAT" horseshit and the pesky government records that keeps blowing this third-grade lie. All fine and good as it makes for entertaining news channel chatter but what about the credibility of racist, redneck sacks of crap?

Really, when someone identifies themselves as a racist in this day and age, in these United States of America, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, religious or non-religious, the "crackpot" alarm goes off. Uncle Roy into his second six-pack at Thanksgiving, the smelly guy on the bus, the nail technician on her sixteenth psychiatrist, the crank who sicced his pitbull on the Hersch's Lhasa Apso - freaks.

I may gripe about America but I have to say, for the most part, it's a pretty enlightened society. For the most part, the American people know a klansman's hood covers a pointy head and scant brain. So, if it was all put together on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Christ, even the Times, just connect the goddamn dots and SAY IT... and I know, I KNOW the American people will see these clowns for the icky neanderthals they are.

To facilitate this, I've provided the media this simple little equation:

Let B equal the number of Black guys signed on as members of Slime Vote Veterans.

Let A represent the implications of a "Whites Only" dating website (publisher William Regnery's next little project).

If B is less than A, add M (which is the number of racist comments attributed to Jerry Corsi, co-author of Slime Vote Veterans book).

For extra credit: Add in wingnut Michelle Malkin's high praise of the book along with her tiresome caw of "...why internment and 'profiling' in wartime make sense" and let that coefficient equal !.

No matter how I add it up, it comes out to BAM! A single shot to the mangy cur's skull and it's all over. If anyone thought the Swift Boat Vets were even remotely believable, the unmistakable mark of racism should - SHOULD - convince the American public that it's time to put this dog down.


Another reason I haven't been posting much is that I've been seeing someone in Denver and having the time of life. She took me to go see The Cure and if you want to see my review of the show, go here for all of that.


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