Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Why Say It?

I saw Rice saying, with all the conviction she's shown with talking about WMD's, that no, there's no way the elections will be delayed due to terrorists or Michael Moore or whatever, we've had elections during wartime.

Uh huh. So why say it?

Because Karl Rove is trying to insinuate to Democrats, "Remember what we did with the last election? Don't think we can't pull a bigger and BADDER stunt this time around. Hell, we might just cancel the whole goddamn thing and call this country OURS! If you thought State Troopers keeping a few Darkies in Florida from the polls was slick, just wait until you see us draggin' off folks to one of Rumsfeld's secret prisons just for TRYING to vote for Kerry!"

You might as well pay See the Forest right now if you took his bet:

I'm willing to bet $50 at 30-to-one that we'll see problems in the 2004 Presidential election as bad or worse than those in the 2000 election. Your $1500 says everything will be OK, my $50 says that there will be major problems -- as bad as or worse than 2000. (via Atrios)

We're still two weeks away from the Democratic National Convention and the Ministry of Discombobulation is already working with the Ministry of Homeland Security to game the vote. Except they're more transparent this time - hell, they just don't give a shit, anymore, they'll do ANYTHING!

Like last week, when Kerry announced Edwards. Next day Ridge announced "new intelligence" that al Qaeda has "Big plans" (or something) for the election. And then says we won't elevate the terror level from Yellow (Vague and Persistent Feelings of Anxiety) to Orange (4,000 Air Traffic Security Workers Laid Off), just prances off like Aunt Jess, "Well, a little bird told me..."

And so I ask again... why say it?

This isn't sneaky, it's peurile, "Ha Ha, made ya' look!" kinda' crap. Don't wonder where your job went, wonder what you think about Gay Marriage and for God's sake don't worry about what we said regarding anthrax oatmeal Usama Scott Peterson smallpox dirty bombs and war good in Iraq or we wouldn't be telling you about warheads WMDs X-Files blackbox towel-heads out to gitcha' playground suicide bomber automatic rifle... it's like sneaking out of the NAACP gig in black face, just plain adolescent.

We've got changing the constitution to ban Gay marriages and then rescinding the assault weapons ban coming up in congress immediately, plenty enough distractions to make the "Made Ya' Look" game interesting. In the interim, I assume more "new intelligence" will come to light, another blackout in Athens, lights flashing... are you ready?


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